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Abila Tract Investigation Committee
Ad Hoc Technical Advisory Committee on Rapid Transit
Advisory Management Council (Ex-officio)
Affordable Housing Commission
Airport Commission
Airports Department
Animal Regulation Commission
Archives Inspection Committee
Archives Investigation Committee
Archives Vault Committee
Area Planning Commission/Central
Area Planning Commission/East Los Angeles
Area Planning Commission/Harbor
Area Planning Commission/North Valley
Area Planning Commission/South Los Angeles
Area Planning Commission/South Valley
Area Planning Commission/West Los Angeles
Artesian Well Construction Committee
Assessment Committee
Assessments Equalization Committee
Authenticating City Maps Committee
Board of Airport Commissioners
Board of Animal Regulation Commissioners
Board of Animal Services
Board of Annexation and Consolidation Commissioners
Board of Annexation Commissioners
Board of Appointment
Board of Building And Safety Commissioners
Board of Building Ordinance Commissioners
Board of Building Ordinance Revision Commissioners
Board of City and County Consolidation Commissioners
Board of City and County Consolidation Commissioners
Board of City Demonstration Agency Commissioners
Board Of City Planning Commissioners
Board of City Tourism Commissioners
Board of Civil Service Commissioners
Board of Coliseum Commissioners
Board of Directors Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Board Of Education
Board Of Education (Elected)
Board of Efficiency Commissioners
Board Of Engineers
Board of Environmental Quality
Board Of Equalization
Board Of Equalization
Board of Equalization
Board of Equalization
Board of Equalization
Board of Examiners Of Plumbers
Board of Examining Engineers
Board of Examining Engineers No. 2
Board of Fire and Police Pension Commissioners
Board Of Fire Commissioners
Board of Fire Commissioners, No. 1
Board of Fire Commissioners, No. 2
Board of Fire Pension Commissioners
Board of Freeholders
Board Of Freeholders (No. 1)
Board Of Freeholders (No. 2)
Board of Harbor Commissioners
Board of Health Commissioners
Board of Health Commissioners
Board of Health Commissioners No. 2
Board of Health No. 1
Board Of Health No. 2
Board of Housing Commissioners
Board of Humane Animal Commissioners
Board of Humane Department Commissioners
Board of Industrial Commissioners
Board of Information Technology Commissionioners
Board of Library Commissioners
Board of Library Directors
Board of Library Directors, No. 2
Board Of Library Trustees
Board Of Library Trustees
Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development
Board of Los Angeles Convention Center
Board of Los Angeles Export Terminal
Board of Mechanical Engineers
Board of Motion Picture Censors
Board of Municipal Airport Commissioners
Board of Municipal Annexation Commissioners
Board of Municipal Arts Commissioners
Board of Municipal Charities Commissioners
Board of Municipal Housing Commissioners
Board of Municipal Industrial Commissioners
Board of Municipal Music Commissioners
Board of Municipal Newspaper Commissioners
Board of Neighborhood Commissioners
Board of Park Commissioners
Board of Park Commissioners No. 2
Board of Pension Commissioners
Board of Playground and Recreation Commissioners
Board of Playground Commissioners
Board Of Police Commissioners
Board of Police Commissioners, No. 1
Board of Police Commissioners, No. 2
Board of Police Pension Commissioners
Board of Public Art Commissioners
Board of Public Service Commissioners
Board of Public Utilities and Transportation Commissioners
Board of Public Utilities Commissioners
Board of Public Works
Board of Public Works #2
Board of Public Works Commissioners
Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners
Board Of Registration (a)
Board Of Registration (b)
Board of Social Service Commissioners
Board Of Street Commissioners
Board of Taxicab Commissioners
Board of Traffic Commissioners
Board of Transportation Commissioners
Board of Trusts Commissioners
Board of Water and Power Commissioners
Board of Water Commissioners
Board of Zoning Adjustment
Board of Zoo Commissioners
Bond Sale Committee
Bridge Building Committee
Bridge Construction Committee
Bridge Investigation Committee
Bridge Lighting Committee
Bridge Lighting Expense Committee
Bridge Lighting Installation Committee
Bridge Specifications Committee
Bridges Committee
Building Advisory Appeal Board
Building And Safety Commission
Building Committee
Building Lines Committee
Building Of Dam Committee
Building Of Sewer Committee
Building Safety Committee
Bureau of Budget And Efficiency
Bureau of Housing Commissioners
Bureau of Housing Commissioners No. 2
Bureau of Right Of Way and Land
California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission, South Coast Region
Canal & Reservoir Conference Committee
Canal & Reservoir Investigation Committee
Canal Amendment Committee
Canal Improvement And Repairs Committee
Canal Ordinance Examination Committee
Canal Purchase Conference Committee
Cemetary Committee
Cemetary Trustee Committee
Cemetery Committee
Changing Street Names Committee
Charter Committee
Charter Revision Committee
Citizens Defense Corps
Citizens Service Corps
City Committee
City Council
City Council, 10th District
City Council, 11th District
City Council, 13th District
City Council, 14th District
City Council, 15th District
City Council, 1st District
City Council, 3rd District
City Council, 5th District
City Council, 7th District
City Council, 9th District
City Dam Contract Committee
City Dam Examination Committee
City Directory Committee
City Ethics Commission
City Hall Committee
City Labor Bureau
City Map Investigation
City Maps Committee
City of Los Angeles (Elected)
City Owned Land Titles
City Owned Property Committee
City Planning Commission
City Police Committee
City Printing Committee
City Revenue Committee
City School Investigation Committee
City Square Improvement Committee
Civil and Human Rights Commission
Civil Defense and Disaster
Civil Defense and Disaster Board
Civil Service Commission
Clearance Of Property Titles Committee
Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission
Commission For Community and Family Services
Commission on Cannabis Regulation
Commission on Disability
Commission On Status of Women
Commission On The Status of Women
Community Development Bank
Community Forest Advisory Committee
Community Redevelopment Agency
Condemnation of Lands Committee
Conference Committee
Construction Committee
Construction of Bridges Committee
Cultural Affairs Commission
Cultural Heritage Board
Cultural Heritage Commission
Culvert Construction Committee
Dam Construction Committee
Dam Construction Inquiry Committee
Damage Adjustment Committee
Damage Settlement Committee
Defense Council Of The City Of Los Angeles
Department of Aging
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
Department of Transportation
Department Of War Council
Department on Disability
Detective Warrant Committee
Determining Paving Materials Committee
Directors Of Public Library
Disabled Access Appeals Commission
Ditch Completion Committee
Ditch Inspection Committee
Drafting of Street Ordinance Committee
Drafting of Tax Ordinance Committee
Drafting Ordinance Committee
Drafting Resolutions Committee
Economic & Workforce Development Department
Education Committee
Efficiency Committee No. 2
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Authority
El Pueblo De Los Angeles State Historical Park Advisory Committee
Election Inspectors
Emergency Defense Committee
Emergency Management Department
Emergency Operations Board
Emergency Preparedness Commission for the County and Cities of Los Angeles
Emergency Sanitation Committee
Employee Relations Board
Engine House Conference Committee
Engineers Appointment Committee
Environmental Affairs Commission
Environmental Quality Commission
Erecting Vault Committee
Examination Committee
Extension of Sewer System Committee
Extension Of Street Committee
Fee Fixing Committee
Filing Of City Papers Committee
Finance Committee
Fire and Police Pension Commission
Fire and Water Committee
Fire Commission
Fire Committee
Fire Engineer Employment Committee
Fire Hazards Committee
Fire Hose and Carriage Committee
Fire Limits Committee
Fire Ordinance Committee
Flood Control Committee
Flood Control Investigation Committee
Founding Of Public Library Committee
Framing Resolution Committee
Franchise Committee
Franchise Examination Committee
Franchise Investigation Committee
Franchise Petition Committee
Free Labor Bureau
Funding of City Indebtedness Committee
Gas And Repair Committee
Gas Committee
Gas Committee (Special #1)
Gas Committee (Special #2)
Gas Company Formation Committee
Gas Franchise Committee
Gas Ordinance Draft Committee
General Plan Advisory Board (Ex-officio)
General Services Department
Gradients Committee
Grading of Sidewalks Committee
Grants Administration Board (Ex-officio)
Hack License Committee
Harbor Commission
Health Committee
Health Facilities Authority Commission
Health Investigation Committee
Highway Communications
Home For Delinquent Minors Committee
Hospital Committee
Hospitalization Committee
House LA Citizens Oversight Committee
Housing Advisory and Appeal Board
Housing Authority Commission
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Human Relations Commission
Incendiary Reward Committee
Incendiary Reward Committee (#2)
Indexing Of Ordinances Committee
Industrial Development Authority
Information Technology Agency
Innovation and Performance Commission
Investigation Committee (Medical claims made by Dr. Alpheus P. Hodges)
Investigation Committee (Smallpox Cases)
Investigation Committee (Water Claims)
Irrigation Committee
Jail And City Offices Committee
Jail Committee
Jail Improvements Committee
Jail Management Committee
Lamp Post Sites Committee
Land and Lots Committee
Land Committee
Land Conference Committee
Land Exchange Committee
Land Investigation Committee
Land Sale Investigation Committee
Lands Committee
Law Investigation Committee
Legal Investigation Committee
Legal Investigation Committee
Legal Investigation Committee (Of city's contract with Mr. Brent)
Levee Construction Committee
Library Commission
License Collecting Committee
License Fees Committee
Licensing Committee
Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System
Los Angeles City Health Systems Planning Commission
Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission
Los Angeles Convention & Exhibition Center Authority
Los Angeles County Health Facilities Authority Commission
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Los Angeles Housing Department
Los Angeles International Airport Property Acquisition Board
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum & Sports Arena Commission
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority #2
Los Angeles Transit Lines
Lot Appraisement Committee
Main Street Improvement Committee
Major Disaster Council
Major Disaster Council and Citizens Emergency Corps.
Major Disaster Emergency Council
Map Acquisition Committee
Map Collecting Committee
Maps Committee
Martin Luther King, Jr. Gen. Hosp. Authority Commission of Los Angeles County
Medical Advisory Council
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Municipal Arts Commission
Municipal Auditorium Commission
Municipal Lands Title Clearance Committee
Municipal Research Committee
New Dam Contract Committee
Office of Finance
Office of Public Accountability
Official Salaries Authority
Official Salaries Committee
Opening of New Street Committee
Ordinance Amendments
Ordinance Amendments Committee
Ordinance Examination Committee
Ordinance Inspection Committee
Ordinance Revision Committee
Ordinances Committee
Pamphlet Publishing Committee
Park Commissioners
Park Improvement Committee
Parking Authority (Ex-officio)
Parking Commission
Parks Committee
Paved Street Requirements Committee
Peddlers License Committee
Personnel Department
Planning Commission
Plaza Improvements Committee
Plaza Improvements Conference Committee
Plaza Reservoir Committee
Police Case Committee
Police Case Investigation Committee
Police Commission
Police Committee
Police Investigation Committee
Police Permit Review Panel
Polling Places Committee
Pound Ordinance Amendment Committee
Printing Committee
Printing Contract Committee
Productivity Advisory Commission
Provisional (Land and Lot Zoning)
Public Market Committee
Public Notice Committee
Public Pound Committee
Public Square Improvement Committee
Public Square Improvement Committee (b)
Public Utilities and Transportation Commission
Public Works Committee
Purchase Fire Bell Committee
Purchasing Committee
Quality and Productivity Commission
Railroad Petition Committee
Railway Extension Committee
Railway Franchise Committee
Railway Franchise Committee (Downey)
Railway Franchise Committee (Widney)
Railway Petition Inquiry Committee
Receiving Hospital
Recreation and Parks Commission
Refuse Disposal Investigation Committee
Relocation Appeals Board
Removal Of Reservoir Committee
Rent Adjustment Commission
Reservoir Conference Committee
Reservoir Investigation Committee
Reservoir Site Committee
Revenue Investigation Committee
Revision Of Ordinances Committee
River Dam Investigation Committee
River Improvement Committee
River Investigation Committee
Road Grading Committee
Sale of City Lots and Road Opening Committee
Sale Of City Lots Ordinance Committee
Sanitary Committee
Sanitation Committee
Sanitation Inquiry Committee
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
Santa Monica Mountains Nat'l Recreation Area Advisory Commission
School Committee
School Repair Inquiry Committee
Schoolhouse Lots Committee
Selection of City Cemetery Site Committee
Sewage Disposal Committee
Sewage Route Committee
Sewer Damage Committee
Sewer Inspection Committee
Sewer Outlet Committee
Sewerage Committee
Sewers Committee
Slaughter Investigation Committee
Social Service Commission
South Coast Regional Commission of the California Coastal Commission
Southern California Association of Governments (Ex-officio)
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Commission
Southern California Rapid Transit Authority
Special Building Committee
Special Election Committee
Special Water Committee
Stock Issue Committee
Street Building Committee
Street Car Inquiry Committee
Street Cleaning and Garbage Disposal Committee
Street Closing Committee
Street Commissioners Committee
Street Extension Committee
Street Franchise Committee
Street Grading Committee
Street Grading Committee (Fort)
Street Grading Committee (Olive)
Street Improvement Committee
Street Improvement Committee (Alameda)
Street Improvement Committee (Commercial)
Street Lamps Committee
Street Law Examination Committee
Street Lighting Committee
Street Lines Committee
Street Opening Committee (Condemning)
Street Opening Committee (Deeding)
Street Opening Committee:
Street Opening Conference Committee
Street Ordinance Committee
Street Repairs Committee
Street Widening Committee
Street Widening Committee #1
Street Widening Committee #2
Street Widening Committee (Alameda #1)
Street Widening Committee (Alameda #2)
Street Widening Complaints Committee
Streets Committee
Supplies Committee
Supplies Committee (Including Water and Irrigation)
Supplies Committee (Provisions of all sorts, Water and Irrigation)
Survey Committee
Survey Correction Committee
Survey Investigation Committee
Tax Inquiry Committee
Telecommunications Commission
Title Examination Committee
Track Conference Committee
Traffic Commission
Vacant Lands Committee
Vaccination Committee
Vagrant Law Enforcement Committee
Vice Investigation Committee
Vice Petition Inquiry Committee
Volunteer Fire Company Committee
Ward Boundaries Committee
Ward Division Committee
Ward Representation Committee
Water and Power Commission
Water And Streets Committee
Water Committee
Water Company Inquiry Committee
Water Conservation Appeals Board
Water Franchise Committee
Water Improvements Committee
Water Investigation Committee
Water Loan Ordinance Committee
Water Ordinance Committee
Water Ordinance Examination Committee
Water Pipe Extension Committee
Water Preservation Committee
Water Rates Committee
Water Rates Regulation Committee
Water Rights Committee
Water Supply and Irrigation Committee
Water Supply Committee
Water Supply Committee
Water Tax Inquiry Committee
Water Works Lease Committee
Widening of Sidewalks Committee
Zanja And Bridge Investigation Committee (Apropos the zanja on the eastside and such bridges as were deemed necessary to the growing city.)
Zanja Conference Committee
Zanja Covering Committee
Zanja Examination Committee
Zanja Investigation Committee
Zanja Overflow Committee
Zanjas Committee
Zoning Appeals Board

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