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California Coastal Zone Conservation Commission, South Coast Region
Canal & Reservoir Conference Committee
Canal & Reservoir Investigation Committee
Canal Amendment Committee
Canal Improvement And Repairs Committee
Canal Ordinance Examination Committee
Canal Purchase Conference Committee
Cemetary Committee
Cemetary Trustee Committee
Cemetery Committee
Changing Street Names Committee
Charter Committee
Charter Revision Committee
Citizens Defense Corps
Citizens Service Corps
City Committee
City Council
City Council, 10th District
City Council, 11th District
City Council, 13th District
City Council, 14th District
City Council, 15th District
City Council, 1st District
City Council, 3rd District
City Council, 5th District
City Council, 7th District
City Council, 9th District
City Dam Contract Committee
City Dam Examination Committee
City Directory Committee
City Ethics Commission
City Hall Committee
City Labor Bureau
City Map Investigation
City Maps Committee
City of Los Angeles (Elected)
City Owned Land Titles
City Owned Property Committee
City Planning Commission
City Police Committee
City Printing Committee
City Revenue Committee
City School Investigation Committee
City Square Improvement Committee
Civil and Human Rights Commission
Civil Defense and Disaster
Civil Defense and Disaster Board
Civil Service Commission
Clearance Of Property Titles Committee
Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission
Commission For Community and Family Services
Commission on Cannabis Regulation
Commission on Disability
Commission On Status of Women
Commission On The Status of Women
Community Development Bank
Community Forest Advisory Committee
Community Redevelopment Agency
Condemnation of Lands Committee
Conference Committee
Construction Committee
Construction of Bridges Committee
Cultural Affairs Commission
Cultural Heritage Board
Cultural Heritage Commission
Culvert Construction Committee

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