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Resolution - WHEREAS, The Southwest Museum holds one of the nations's most important museum, library, and archive collections related to the American Indian. In addition it has extensive holdings of Prehispanic, Spanish Colonial, Latino, and Western American art and artifacts. WHEREAS, For eighty years it has supported research, publications, exhibitions, and other educational activities to advance the public's understanding and appreciation of the Americas, with particular emphasis on the Western United States and Mesoamerica. WHEREAS, The collections of the Southwest Museum represent Native American cultures from Alaska to South America. WHEREAS, The museum contains some of the finest examples of Indian art and artifacts in the United States. WHEREAS, Beyond this primary emphasis, the Southwest Museum holds important collections of Mesoamerican and South American pre-Columbian pottery and textiles, and Hispanic folk and decorative arts. WHEREAS, After more than fifteen year of considering options for the future of the Southwest Museum, the Museum and its Board of Trustees has voted to pursue a relationship with the Autry Museum of Western Heritage. Finalization of the agreement is expected to follow a six-month due diligence and planning process. WHEREAS, The community has benefited from having this institution in its neighborhood, providing rich learning opportunities for all the youth and adults who visit the museum. WHEREAS, The residents of Northeast Los Angeles and vicinity believe that the historic Southern Museum, Los Angeles' first museum, should remain on Mount Washington as a fully functional public museum, with public exhibition space, the Braun Library collections accessible to the public, museum store, and Casa de Adobe. They consider the buildings and collection to be inseparable in the context of Arroyo Seco and Charles Lummis history. WHEREAS, The surrounding community would like written assurance in the final contract between the Southwest Museum and Autry Museum of Western Heritage that this partnership will maintain the operation of the museum as an active institution, and that there will be no delineation from its original intent. This would include continued operation as a museum showcasing Native American culture. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, with concurrence of the Mayor, that by adoption of this resolution, the Los Angeles City Council, hereby SUPPORTS the community's position that there be appropriate restoration and preservation of the buildings at the Southwest Museum and that publicity, programming and community outreach be supported to the fullest extent possible to attain optimum use of the museum at its present location.
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