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Communication from the City Administrative Officer 0116-00001-0000, dated April 5, 2007, relative to the Mid-Year financial status report for 2006-07.
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4-6-07 - For ref
4-6-07 - Ref to Budget and Finance Committee
4-6-07 - File to Budget and Finance Committee Clerk
4-18-07 - Council Action - Substitute Motion - Parks Mover 2007 / Greuel - ADOPTED IN LIEU OF ORIGINAL MOTION - Item No. 11 on the Wednesday, April 18, 2007 City Council Agenda contains a series of recommendations from the CAO's Mid-year Adjustment and Financial Status Report, proposing various changes to the City's 2006-2007 Adopted Budget. On April 9, 2007, your Budget & Finance Committee approved those recommendations, with certain amendments identified as necessary modifications. Additional changes to that Report were subsequently identified, and are now recommended for inclusion.
THEREFORE MOVE that the Budget & Finance Committee Report relative to the Mid- Year Adjustment and Financial Status Report (Item 11 on today's Council Agenda: CF 06-0600-S74) BE AMENDED to adopt the following recommendations IN-LIEU of those contained in the Committee report:
1. APPROVE the City Administrative Officer (CAO) recommendations contained in the report dated April 5, 2007, attached to the Council File, with the following amendments: a. Amend Recommendation No.2 as follows: Transfer $23,885,742 from Departments, the Unappropriated Balance Fund 100/58, and the Reserve Fund to the Unappropriated Balance Fund 100/58, Reserve for Economic Uncertainties Account, as specified in Revised Attachment 5.
b. Amend Recommendation No.3 as follows: Appropriate $31,798,477 from various line items with the Unappropriated Balance, Fund No. 100/58, and from the Unappropriated Balance Fund 100/58, Reserve for Economic Uncertainties Account to various departments as specified in Revised Attachment 6.
2. INSTRUCT the CAO to identify surplus funds in the Library Department for exterior security lighting and cameras at the new library facility at 39th Street and Western Avenue.
3. A. Amend Attachment 5 to reduce transfer from the UB line item entitled "Human Trafficking - CSOW" to the Reserve For Economic Uncertainties from $49,000 to $39,000.
B. Amend Attachment 6 to appropriate $10,000 from the UB line item entitled "Human Trafficking - CSOW" to Fund 100/20 (Status of Women) Account No. 3040 (Contractual Services) for completion of a comprehensive study on Domestic Violence.
4. A. Amend Attachment 5 to reduce transfer from the UB line item entitled "Planning
- Council Initiated Assignments" to the Reserve For Economic Uncertainties from $220,000 to $120,000.
B. Amend Attachment 6 to appropriate $100,000 from the UB line item entitled "Planning - Council Initiated Assignments" to Fund 100/68 (Planning) Account No.
1010 (Salaries - General) for completion of the Hollywood Plan update, pursuant to
5. INSTRUCT the City Clerk to prepare documentation to authorize issuance of payments in the total amount of $35,475 for the purposes and amounts specified below, from the General City Purposes line item entitled "Heritage Month Celebration and Special
Events", subject to the City Attorney as to form and legality, if needed, and authorize the Councilmember of the Eighth District to execute the agreement of other document(s) on behalf of the City:
Beverly Hills/Hollywood NAACP ($25,000)
Celebration of the Spoken Word ($10,475)
6. AUTHORIZE the City Clerk to make any technical corrections or clarification to the instructions in recommendation 5, above, in order to effectuate the intent of this action.
7. AUTHORIZE the Controller to TRANSFER $130,000 from Information Technology Agency Fund 100/32, Account 1010, Salaries General to Account 7300, Furniture, Office
and Technical Equipment to enable the purchase of a replacement server for the Supply Management System.
8. SUBSTITUTE the following IN-LIEU of CAO recommendation 96, to enact detailed Controller instructions, in lieu of the general instructions on file, for the relocation of the
Elections Division to Piper Tech, as approved by the Information Technology & General
Services Committee on April 17, 2007:
a. APPROVE a project budget of $5,000,000 in MICLA funding for demolition, design, and construction at the Piper Tech Cafetorium, and related spaces, to house the City Clerk's Elections Division and, if funding remains available, for backfill of the vacated City Hall space.
b. INSTRUCT the Controller to increase appropriations in the amount of $4,525,00 within the MICLA CP Fund 298, Department 50, Account entitled Elections Division Relocation to Piper Tech, and appropriate therefrom an amount of $2,271,902 to Fund 100, Department 40 (General Services), as follows:
i. Account 1014 Construction Salaries $387,492
ii. Account 1097 Construction Overtime $ 15,131
iii. Account 1101 Salaries, Hiring Hall $673,671
iv. Account 1121 Salaries, Hiring Hall Fringe Benefits $235,785
v. Account 1191 Salaries Hiring Hall Overtime $ 30,000
vi. Account 3180 Construction Materials and Supplies $929,823
TOTAL $2,271,902
c. AUTHORIZE the Bureau of Engineering and the General Services Department to utilize, as needed, the construction forces, construction management services, and hiring hall staff currently completing tenant improvements at the Public Works Building to expedite completion of all necessary tenant improvements for this project.
9. AUTHORIZE El Pueblo to expand its museum hours to levels as noted in the current museum operating schedule approved by the El Pueblo Commission, and AUTHORIZE the Controller to transfer $80,000, within El Pueblo Department Fund No.1 00/33 as follows:
Account No. Account Name Amount
1010 Salaries General $75,000
2120 Printing and Binding 5,000
Total $80,000
Account No. Account Name Amount
1070 Salaries As-Needed $80,000
10. DIRECT the General Manager, Personnel Department to develop and release an RFQ/RFI to all health care providers to explore health care options for City contracts expiring on December 31, 2007, and request that the CLA and CAO review the responses to that RFQ/RFI prior to its submittal to the City Council, in order to develop recommendations for reducing FLEX Benefit costs in future health care' contracts.
11. INSTRUCT the CAO and the Personnel Department, with the assistance of the CLA and the City Attorney, to report to the Budget & Finance Committee in conjunction with the 2007-2008 Proposed Budget deliberations regarding risk management issues relative to rising Workers Compensation costs and what mitigating actions can be taken.
12. INSTRUCT the CAO relative to Recommendation No.105 to report back to the Budget
& Finance Committee, in conjunction with the 2007-2008 Budget deliberations, on the
use of the Street Lighting Assessment Fund for tree trimming, including a history of uses
of this Fund for this purpose, and further to report on steps necessary to ensure that all
eligible costs of the Fund are recovered from assessed fees.
13. AMEND Attachment 5 to eliminate the $679,000 transfer from the UB line item entitled "Left Turn Arrow Signals" to the Reserve For Economic Uncertainties.
14. AUTHORIZE the Controller to expedite the processing of all accounting documents
needed to implement the Mid-Year Adjustment and Financial Status Report.
15. AUTHORIZE the Controller to adjust the financial schedules attached to the Mid-Year
Adjustment and Financial Status Report accordingly, to fulfill the intent of this Motion.
4-18-07 - Council Action - Budget and Finance Committee report RECEIVED AND FILED
4-20-07 - File to Mayor FORTHWITH
4-23-07 - Mayor's message concurred in Council action of April 18, 2007
4-23-07 - File to Council and Legislative Processing Clerk
4-27-07 - File to Budget and Finance Committee Clerk OK
4-30-07 - File in files

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