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Communication from the City Administrative Officer 0116-00001-0000, dated August 9, 2007, relative to the First Financial Status Report for Fiscal Year 2007-2008.
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8-9-07 - For ref
8-10-07 - Ref to Budget and Finance Committee
8-10-07 - File to Budget and Finance Committee Clerk
8-17-07 - Council Action - Budget and Finance Committee report ADOPTED *AS AMENDED, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR:
1. APPROVE the City Administrative Officer's (CAO) recommendations contained in the First Financial Status Report for Fiscal Year 2007-08, attached to the Committee report.
2. AUTHORIZE the City Engineer to negotiate and execute Amendment No. 1 to Agreement C-111172, with Barrio Action Youth and Family Center for the City to provide project and construction management services for Barrio Action's additional tenant improvements to the El Sereno Constituent Service Center/Barrio Action Youth and Family Center Project at no additional cost, with the additional tenant improvements to be constructed pursuant to change orders issued by the City Engineer to Sinanian Development, Inc., the contractor for the project under City Contract No. C-108319.
3. AUTHORIZE the Department of Public Works to receive various payments from Barrio Action for an additional $100,000, thereby increasing the total amount to be paid by Barrio Action for all tenant improvements for the Barrio Action Youth and Family Center from the current $500,000 to $600,000, and to deposit these funds into the General Fund, and AUTHORIZE and direct the Controller thereafter to APPROPRIATE those funds into Capital Improvement Expenditure Program Fund 100/54, Account C708, entitled El Sereno CSC - Barrio Action/Private, for Barrio Action's tenant improvements.
4. INSTRUCT the CAO to work with the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Police Department and report their findings in the next Financial Status Report (FSR) relative to the Federal Governments requirements to post local law enforcement officers at airports.
5. INSTRUCT all City proprietary departments to attend the next meeting of the Budget and Finance (B&F) Committee and discuss the disputes relative to $23.4 million reduction in reimbursement revenues to the City General Fund.
6. INSTRUCT the CAO and the Information Technology Agency to report back to the B&F Committee with a resolution relative to TDA and Contractual account disputes within 30 days.
7. INSTRUCT the CAO and Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) to report to the B&F Committee in 30 days with technical recommendations on the following:
a. Convention Center fee waiver policy
b. Special Event fee waiver policy
8. INSTRUCT all Council controlled departments to refrain from starting any new programs or expansion of existing programs until a CAO and CLA analysis has been performed of the said programs. This direction shall continue until further notice.
9. CURTAIL and restrict consideration of any new appropriations or loans from the Reserve Fund to the most urgent needs while all pending Reserve Fund loans and transfer requests shall be re-evaluated and examined by the CAO and CLA before consideration by the B&F Committee.
10. DEFER consideration of any transfers from the Unappropriated Balance until further notice.
11. INSTRUCT the CAO and CLA to provide the Chair of the B&F Committee with a list of all reports that need to be re-evaluated before they can be scheduled for hearing before the B&F Committee. This list must be provided within 30 days.
12. APPROVE a technical correction to the 2007-08 Budget to recognize $1,620,572 in additional receipts into the Forfeited Assets Trust Fund to pay for eligible Police Department equipment and technology costs, including Tasers.
13. INSTRUCT the CAO, CLA, and the Office of Finance to issue a report to the B&F Committee in 30 days relative to Council File 07-0465 which seeks to increase the level of debt collection by the City; and, Council File 07-0467 relative to ensuring that all revenues are safeguarded and maximized.
14. INSTRUCT the CAO and CLA to work with all departments relative to unrealized proposed fee increases and provide a written status report with recommendations within 30 days.
15. REQUEST the Mayor's Office to work with all City departments relative to the proposed fee changes and fee studies that have yet to be realized.
16. INSTRUCT the LAPD to report to the B&F Committee within 30 days relative to wireless data cards funding request, with detailed specifics on the history of the transaction, from the time the City acquired the said equipment to the planned and proposed ongoing cost, funding source and maintenance cost.
17. INSTRUCT the CAO to review and make a recommendation relative to the LAPD request for reappropriation of $266,000, to purchase cameras for the License Plate Recognition System. The report should include information relative to ongoing maintenance costs.
18. INSTRUCT the CAO, LAWA, and LAPD to comply with the 2007-08 Budget Instruction No. 21 and report to the B&F Committee on the deployment of the 22 LAPD officers at the Los Angeles International Airport.
19. INSTRUCT the CAO to include a schedule of monthly LAPD hiring in future FSRs to ensure that hiring is on track with what has been budgeted.
20. INSTRUCT the CAO to provide the B&F Committee with the status on the following:
a. report requested under Council File 05-0056, Motion (Greuel - Perry) relative to a program to sell advertising space on City vehicles;
b. revenue, as it relates to fiber optics and the Department of Water and Power.
8-17-07 - Council Action - *Amending Motion - Parks Mover 2007 / Greuel - ADOPTED - MOVE that Item #66 on the Friday, August 17, 2007 Agenda of the Special Council Meeting, the Budget and Finance Committee report relative to the First Financial Status Report for Fiscal Year 2007-2008 (CF 07-0600-S43), be amended to add the following recommendations:
1. Transfer $203,502 from the Unappropriated Balance, City Attorney Outside Counsel including Workers' Compensation line item, to the City Attorney, Fund No. 100, Department No. 12, Account No. 9301, and authorize the City Attorney to increase Contract #111607 with the law firm of Ivie McNeill & Wyatt by a like amount.
2. Instruct the City Clerk to refer all follow-up reports in response to this First Financial Status report exclusively to Budget and Finance Committee in order to expedite all budgetary and emergency recommendations for consideration by the City Council.
8-21-07 - File to Mayor FORTHWITH
8-24-07 - Mayor's message concurred in Council Action of August 17, 2007
8-28-07 - File to Council and Legislative Processing Clerk
9-6-07 - File to Budget and Finance Committee Clerk OK
9-10-07 - File in files

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