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Budget Recommendations / Library Department / Climate Change Issues / Educational Outreach
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04/06/2022 File expired per Council policy, Council file No. 05-0553.
01/12/2021 Council rereferred item to Arts, Parks, Health, Education, and Neighborhoods Committee, pursuant to Council Action of January 12, 2021, Council File No. 21-2000. Click to view online docs
01/30/2019 Council rereferred item to Health, Education, Neighborhoods, Parks, Arts, and River Committee, pursuant to Council Action of January 22, 2019, Council File No. 17-0769-S4. Click to view online docs
05/21/2018 Council document(s) referred to Arts, Entertainment, Parks and River Committee. Click to view online docs
05/21/2018 Document(s) submitted by Council, as follows:

Instruct the Library Department to report to the Arts, Entertainment, Parks, and River Committee on the ability of the Department to provide educational outreach on climate change issues (for example, an educational kiosk) and whether this could be incorporated into the Department’s budget without additional cost. The report should describe the steps the Department has taken to minimize its carbon footprint and how current efforts can be increased.
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