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Proposed Procedures to Name Private Streets - by Ord
Date Received / Introduced
Last Changed Date
Initiated by
Board of Public Works
File History
5-6-82 For Ccl
5-7-82 - ref PW Comt
5-13-82 - file to Picus Chrmn
5-20-82 - File to Walder
10-29-82 - PW COmt rept adopted that the Atty be instructed to
prepare Ord incorporating the proposed Procedure and General
11-2-82 - file to Atty
1-10-84 - File to Picus for Ord OK
1-18-84 - File to Cal Clk
1-31-84 Ord adopted to amend LAMC to authorize the City Eng to
approve proposed private street names - Findings adopted - Gen
Exemption approved
2-2-83 - File to the Mayor for signature
2-6-84 - File in file

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