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Mayor Message - Support rec of P&E Comt to establish citizen Community Planning Advisory Committees in each of the City's 35 community planning areas to assist in the restudy of the City's Community Plans.
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2-3-88 - For Ccl
2-3-88 - Cont to 2-5-88 as a special order of business at 10:30 a.m.
together with amending motion - Ferraro - Bernson
2-5-88 - P&E Comt rept adopted *as amended rec that subj RESOL to
establish citizen community Planning Advisory Committees, BE ADOPTED
which essentially sets forth the following measures as a guide in the
forming of such committees:
1. That these Comts be referred to as Community Planning Advisory
Comts (hereinafter referred to as CPACs), and that these Comts have
an area of responsibility which corresponds to each community plan
2. That each Ccl office participate in the formation of CPACs to
facilitate community input to plan revision process;
3. That a CPAC be established in each of the City's 35 community
planning areas;
4. That a CPAC be formed at the time a community plan is initiated
for revision, or sooner;
5. That the CPAC play a continuing and on - going role in
implementation of the adopted community plan;
6. That a CPAC consist of approximately 15 members, and that Comt
members be appointed by the Ccl member(s) of the particular community
plan area;
7. *
8. That Ccl members reserve the right to broaden the agenda of the
CPACs in their respective Districts to include key ongoing land use
issues of community concern that are pending City review and action;
9. That the Ccl supports funding for additional Planning Department
personnel to staff such CPACs;
10. That Ccl members reserve the right to create Citizen Advisory
Comts in their respective Districts to provide on - going citizen
11. That Ccl monitor the effectiveness of this program
Resol adopted
2-5-88 - *Mo - Ferraro - Bernson 1988 - MOVE that point 7 be amended
to read: "Members of the CPAC shall be representative of the
community with consideration given to representation by homeowner
associations, tenants, landlords, commercial property owners, small
business tenants and urban planning professionals such as architects,
planners, traffic engineers and environmental specialists."
2-9-88 - File to Planning Comsn
12-16-88 - P&E Comt rept adopted as rec by Planning Comsn, that
Policy Guidelines for Community Planning Advisory Comts (CPAC) to act
in an advisory capacity including following all as described in
detail in rept BE ADOPTED: 1. 35 CPACs to be formed by Ccl - 2. Each
to be composed of 15-21 members - 3. Members to represent a broad
range, generally consisting of resident groups, tenants, commercial,
industrial & multiple family property owners, merchants,
professionals, as well as reps from large institutions in the area
such as universities, hospitals, museums, etc
12-21-88 - File in files
9-25-89 - File to Sally Wolf - Library - 53791
9-27-89 - File in files
8-21-91 - File to Arletta M Bemsey - City Atty - 55428
11-26-91 - File in files

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