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Lopez Canyon Restoration Project
Mo - Lopez Canyon Landfill closed permanently for disposal operations on Tuesday, July 2, 1996 pursuant to Ccl motion of December 13, 1995. The activities at Lopez Canyon will now shift from a function of disposal of solid waste to a function of the closure of the landfill areas and restoration of the 400 acre canyon to a more natural state. Lopez Canyon Landfill has been the source of great controversy and debate between community and city. In the interest of initiating a new era of environmental awareness during this restoration process and to instill a sense of pride in the community and the workers at the site, the name Lopez Canyon Landfill should be changed to more accurately capture the nature of activities now taking place. THEREFORE MOVE that Lopez Canyon Landfill be formally renamed the "Lopez Canyon Restoration Project," and that all future references to Lopez Canyon Landfill shall be changed as such.
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