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Motion - Recently, private property in Sun Valley was trespassed upon by a group of teenagers who proceeded to have a party. Police were called to the scene, several youth were arrested. The house, which had been vacant and up for sale, suffered over $3,000 in property damage. Damage included graffiti, broken windows, glass, mirrors and doors. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) indicates there is a growing occurrence among our youth and young adults to conduct such types of parties, commonly know as RAVE, or underground parties. RAVE parties emerged in the 1980's and continue to be a problem. RAVE party organizers usually stake out abandoned warehouses and vacant houses for party locations, and advertise through a network of RAVE party goers as to the date and location. Much of the advertisement is through flyers passed out at local high schools which indicate a telephone number one can call the day of the party to find out where a RAVE party is taking place. The occurrence of RAVE parties is not isolated to the Northeast Valley, Los Angeles Police Department indicates they are taking place throughout the City and County of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Police Department Vice Officers are attempting to crack down on RAVE parties as they are not only illegal, and result in substantial damage to property, but often times result in gang violence. Los Angeles Police Department Foothill Division has developed a "Social Police Council" made up of students, teachers, administrators and police in order to foster greater communication and coordination. The School Police Council model might be utilized in targeting RAVE or underground parties in order to provide a greater coordination for intelligence gathering so that Los Angeles Police Department can be aware of parties that are planned in order to stop them before they occur. THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council Public Safety Committee direct the Chief of Police and City Attorney to report on the occurrence of RAVE parties and recommendations to crack down these types of illegal parties. Their report should include, but not be limited to, a review of current laws which apply to crimes associated with RAVE parties and whether laws should be toughened up so that consequences are more severe. FURTHER MOVE that the City Council Public Safety Committee direct Information Technology Agency (ITA) to develop a public service announcement to be broadcast on Channel 35 aimed at informing the public on these parties and how to respond. FURTHER MOVE that Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) School Police Chief be invited to give input as to how Los Angeles Unified School District School Police might provide us with more information to discourage student participation in these types of parties. REFER TO COUNCIL FILE 04-2553
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4-16-96 - This day's Council session
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4-23-96 - Council Action - Motion ADOPTED
5-6-96 - File to Public Safety Committee Clerk
5-8-96 - File to City Attorney - Attention: Lottie Schaefer - x56363

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