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Mo - The Southern California Pipeline System (SCPS), a joint venture of Four Corners Pipeline Co. (an ARCO subsidiary), Chevron Pipe Line Co., Texaco Refining & Marketing, Inc., & Shell Oil Co., has proposed to construct the 130 mile Angeles Pipeline to move crude oil from Kern County to refineries in the Los Angeles Basin. The consortium has proposed that 33 miles of that pipeline be constructed under the streets of LA. The Pipeline would be designed to transport 330,000 (330000) barrels per day (bpd) to LA Basin. Of that amount, 200,000 (200000) bpd would be offshore crude oil, & 130,000 (130000) bpd would be San Joaquin Valley crude. Refining this additional heavy, sour crude oil in LA Basin would significantly increase air pollution & would have disastrous effects on environment. In addition, construction of Pipeline thru the City would disrupt some of the most heavily used streets, & add to already intolerable traffic congestion. Other points of information which have surfaced as a result of the EIR / EIS have shown an increased health risk, the possibility of oil spills, fire hazards from leaks, pollutions of underground water supplies, & the possibility of massive fires during an earthquake, if the Angeles Pipeline were to be constructed. THEREFORE MOVE that City go on record as being opposed to the Angeles Pipeline. FURTHER MOVE that in view of above mentioned environmental concerns, the Ccl req that the above mentioned oil companies cease construction or any plans for construction of the Angeles Pipeline.
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7-14-87 - This days Ccl session - File to Cal Clk for placement on
next Ccl agenda
7-21-87 - Mo adopted *as amended deleting THEREFORE MOVE the City of
L A go on record as being opposed to the Angeles Pipeline
7-27-87 - File in files

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